Our house has a long history: the Looks family -an old and famous family of fishermen- builded the house already in 1864.  They were not only fishermen, but also farmers, this combination was called “Büdner”. For this reason the use of the rooms was totally different then today: next door to the today’s library was the stable for cows and instead of appartements for tourists,  corn and hay stocks were under the roof .

But very early the Looks family discovered a new source of income by letting rooms to holiday visitors.  They started in the 1930’s and increased the business in the 1970’s when the members of the composers and musicians league of the German Democratic Republic stayed as tourists here.

Hannelore -the youngest child of  the five children of the family- and her husband Reinhard Haße decided to continue the guesthouse in 1980. Since this time  the name of the house was “House Haße” and this name is  still very popular with tourists up to now.  

Hannelore and Reinhard Haße handed over their beloved home to a younger family for age reasons.  Dagmar and Bernhard Wildt (also with five children) took over House Haße in January 2012 and they continue the activity very gladly. They changed the name of the property into “Sonnenhof Wildt (Sunny Farmyard Wildt)” and the Sun stands not only for hopefully good weather, but also for the feeling of security and good mood….